Claudia Janke is a photographer based in London.
Commissions have taken her around the world to report on human- and women’s rights issues for a wide range of national and international aid agencies, charities and editorial clients such as The Guardian, The Observer, The Telegraph, Stern, Spiegel, Terra Mater and Mare. Janke joined the German photography agency Focus in 2003. Drawing from her experience working in the humanitarian sector and editorial market Janke produces powerful stories and installations exploring ways to promote critical thinking with the intention of giving her audience a deeper understanding of human rights and social justice issues.

Portrait Of Britain 2018
Portrait Of Britain 2017
Picture Of The Year International (POY73)
British Life Photography Award - Portraiture Winner

December 2018, 209 Women, group show, Parliament, London
December 2018, Beyond The Act of Hating, Microsoft Centre, Brussels
September 2018, BJP Portrait Of Britain, national group show, UK
September 2018, Wavelength, multi-screen outdoor installation, London
September 2017, BJP Portrait Of Britain, national group show, UK
April 2015, I am visible, outdoor multimedia installation to get young people voting, London, Bradford, Sunderland
September 2014, Packing Up Packington, solo photography and sound installation in an empty council block, Packington Square, London
March 2012, She Bop A Lula, group exhibition, The Strand Gallery, London
September 2011, The exploitation of garment workers in the fashion industry
in India
, outdoor exhibition, City Road Basin, London, 
March 2011, Violence against women in Uganda, outdoor exhibition,
Gillett Square, London
March 2011, Violence against women in Uganda, outdoor exhibition,
City Road Basin, London
November 2008, The Homeless Gallery, group exhibition,
Shoreditch Townhall, London
June2007, Refuge, group exhibition, Nova Gallery, London
March 2005, Facing Forward, solo exhibition, Deputy Prime Ministers Office, London
January 2005, Facing Forward, solo exhibition, House of Commons, London
December 2004, Facing Forward, solo exhibition, Spitz Gallery, London

Facing Forward - 35 portraits of homeless youth in their temporary accommodation in London, commissioned by Centrepoint.

Illustration:  www.claremallison.com

Illustration: www.claremallison.com