Packing Up Packington was a on site photography and sounds exhibition about the life on Packington Estate. “The Packington” in Islington used to be one of London's most notorious council estates. It was demolished as part of a re-generation project and taken over by a housing association. Most of the residents were rehoused in new flats built on the same land. "Packing Up Packington" documents a unique piece of London's social housing history before its final disappearance. The images and sound give an intimate glimpse into a brilliant multicultural

I enjoy working here, although sometimes it's a mess.
I get on with all the tenants. I will miss the blocks and walkways.
You get to know people and when they move it'll all be different.
The estate reminds me of back home, where I used to live in Scotland. I won't miss the anti-social behaviour like graffiti or drugs and urine. Hopefully it will all stop {in the new estate].

community and challenges common prejudice about people living in council estates. It’s an exploration of the sense of loss and gain experienced through the move. The work went on display as an audio visual exhibition in and around the empty flats and corridors of Packington Estate just before they were torn down. Life size prints were pasted on the spot the pictures were taken and visitors could walk around the blocks and flats listening to sounds of the estate and recordings of residents sharing their stories of living on the estate.

Chick, care taker.

Chick, care taker

audio Block
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George, flat 269 ( British Life Photography Award and Portrait Of Britain Winner )

Shoe hanger in the bedroom door

Bedside table and a luxury mattress.

Doris’s bedside lamp. Doris is George’s sister. She lives in a care home but they lived together all their lives before she had to move due to dementia.

George’s front door

Magazine holder

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Mrs. Uddin, flat 287

Abdul loves to work out.

Front door Uddin family


Salma putting on her face veil.

The Ever Changing Corner

Alman and Eric spending quality time together. flat 289

Kitchen clock shaped like Eritrea.

Fruit bowl

Elim singing her favourite song



Smoking a spliff and listening to music.

Tiles and writing

Bike left on the walkway.

The block from the outside.

Seda, flat 279

Entry hall.

Treasured water pipe

Parents bed room

Packing Up Packington was talked about in the national print media and on BBC news