control, unanswered calls for help or breached restraining orders. In 2016 there were 2 million female victims of domestic violence in the UK, a figure that is on the increase coinciding with austerity cuts to domestic violence services. “Two Every Week” draws attention to the women and brutality behind the chilling statistics of domestic violence deaths in the UK attempting to shift the narrative to the damage and misery caused by male violence and the impact it has on the freedom of women and society as a whole.

In the United Kingdom, an average of two women per week are killed by a husband, partner, ex-boyfriend, or family member. Yet these women’s names and stories rarely make headlines; media coverage, if there is any, tends to focus on their attackers instead, dwelling on witness accounts about his usually sound nature, qualities as a father, neighbour or friend, his stressful job or the pain the end of the relationship had caused him. Domestic violence killings tend to be brutal. They are often at the end of a long history of assault, violence,